We are ESDP, and we are working for a brighter, more equitable future across Europe.

Together, we can establish supplier diversity across Europe. And help ethnic minority businesses to thrive.

We launched the European Supplier Diversity Program (ESDP) in 2021 to create positive change in the global supply chain. Our purpose is to empower ethnic minority businesses across European markets.

ESDP Corporate Members

It is time to harness a growing contribution.

Throughout Europe, people from ethnic minorities and immigrant backgrounds are making an ever-growing contribution to the economy.

There are at least


businesses in Europe

Turning over



Employing more than



Let’s break down those barriers.

In a world of growing socio-economic inequality, ethnic minority businesses often face greater barriers when it comes to winning corporate contracts. Smaller suppliers – especially those from an ethnic minority or immigrant background – often find it challenging to navigate the complex and bureaucratic tendering process while also having to compete against established supplier relationships.

At ESDP, we are bringing together industry leaders, sourcing and supply chain professionals, investors, innovators, start-ups and high-growth ethnic minority businesses to break down those barriers.

We are here to help ethnic minority businesses to connect, share knowledge, and build lasting, meaningful relationships. So more and more businesses will benefit from being part of the supplier diversity and inclusion ecosystem.

Welcome to a network that empowers
companies to connect and thrive


Make connections and foster long-term business relationships.


Access world-class learning and online programmes for growth and supplier development.


Supercharge your supply diversity potential at networking events, conferences and business shows.


Win investment for your innovative product or service.


Collaborate and amplify your brand with monthly meet-ups and networking.


Apply frameworks to measure the social and profit impact of supplier diversity for your corporation.

Diversity drives innovation.
And we are here to prove it.

There are extraordinary positives to be gained from encouraging entrepreneurship in under-served and under-represented communities. Because of their diversity of skills, perspectives, experiences and contacts, ethnic minority businesses tend to be more innovative.
Having overcome many challenges, there is often an even stronger drive to succeed. It is resilience and agility that can benefit the supply chain – as well as the fresh perspectives and diversity of thinking that people with ethnic minority or immigrant background bring.

Find out more in our Minority Businesses Matter Europe Research Report, carried out by our partner organisation MSDUK, with the Open Policy Economy Network.

We have a successful background in increasing supplier diversity.


Since its launch in 2006, our UK entity MSDUK (Minority Supplier Diversity UK) has connected 120 Fortune Global 500 firms with more than 3,000 ethnic minority businesses. It is now the UK’s premier not-for-profit supplier diversity advocacy organisation. And we expect to achieve equally incredible levels of success with ESDP across The Netherlands, France, Germany, and beyond.

Here’s to a brighter, more equitable future.

At ESDP, we have big ambitions. We are advocating for and actively helping ethnic minority businesses to access more opportunities.


We are giving industry leaders a chance to diversify their supply chains and tap into all the innovation and agility that it brings. Ultimately, we want to change behaviours and make supplier diversity intrinsic to every procurement strategy – levelling up the playing field for all.

Brighter for business

We are breaking down barriers to help empower ethnic minority businesses to secure supply contracts.

We are helping corporations to be more inclusive, giving them access to a wider, more diverse network of suppliers.

We are enabling buyers – and the EU economy as a whole – to reap the benefits of a more diverse, resilient, innovative and cost-competitive supply chain.

More jobs and growth will be created in the economy.

Brighter for all

Increased equality across global supply chains promotes more entrepreneurship among ethnic minority and immigrant communities.

By making the most of the dynamism and diversity of people from ethnic minority and immigrant backgrounds, productivity and living standards can be improved.

Underrepresented and deprived areas will be regenerated, with social mobility and local communities boosted.

Social and economic integration is improved by greater diversity, with people from ethnic minority and immigrant backgrounds empowered to participate fully as valued members of society.

“Dow is proud to collaborate with like-minded companies for the European Supplier Diversity Program (ESDP). These steps demonstrate the company’s commitment to expanding our supplier diversity efforts in Europe.“
Saskia van Goethem, ESDP Founding Member and Regional Corporate Services Leader at DOW
“At Bristol Myers Squibb, supplier diversity is about people. It is about sharing resources, broadening perspectives, increasing efficiencies, and, ultimately, transforming lives. We believe in our ability to build trust and supply change. We believe in each other.“
Sarah Ahmad, ESDP Advisory Board Member, Associate Director of Global Marketing Procurement at BMS
“Europe is increasingly diverse. It is home to even more people from ethnic minorities, who make an even greater contribution to European economies and societies.“
Philippe Legrain, Founder at Open Political, Economy Network (OPEN)
“Adive’s goal is to promote the economic development of disadvantaged areas and of minority entrepreneurs in France and with ESDP, our mission is to help local economies thrive, create jobs, wealth and innovation.“
Majid El Jarroudi, ESDP France Country Manager and Founder of Adive

Meet the ESDP Team

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