A packed programme of networking, learning and Supplier Diversity celebration.

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European Conference

DAY 1: 20 September 2023

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Arrival, Registration & Refreshments 

08.00 - 09.00

United by Sound

Assumpta Munsi, Soprano Artist

Main Stage
Get ready to be moved by this opening performance by Asumpta Munsi, German-Indian Soprano, setting the perfect tone for a conference filled with inspiration, collaboration, and embracing diversity.

Opening Remarks - Day One

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
The opening ceremony promises an event teeming with excitement and thought-provoking insights around the Supplier Diversity Movement. Anticipate two days to remember, celebrating diversity.

Embracing Diversity: A Welcome Address

Tanja Jadnanansing, Amsterdam South East District Chairperson

Main Stage

Pioneering Supplier Diversity in Europe

Mayank Shah, Founder & CEO, MSDUK & ESDP

Philippe Legrain, Founder, Open Political Economy Network

Main Stage
Join us for an extraordinary kick-off as we extend a warm welcome to Mayank Shah, the visionary Founder of ESDP and Philippe Legrain, Founder of the Open Group and Co-author of the 'Supplier Diversity Matters Report Europe'. In this brief, yet impactful address, Mayank and Philippe will ignite our spirits with their vision for pioneering Supplier Diversity in Europe.

Inclusive procurement for inclusive growth.

Heliana Romanelli, VP Procurement EMEA & Global Customer Operations, Unilever

Main Stage
Sponsor address by Heliana Romanelli, VP Procurement EMEA & Global Customer Operations at Unilever.

Heliana will delve into the transformative power of inclusive procurement for fostering holistic growth and share why Unilever is a dedicated supporter of ESDP's mission.

From Local to Global: Unpacking Supplier Diversity Worldwide Voyage

Dwayne Norris, Corporate Supplier Diversity Manager, Enterprise

Nedra Dickson, Managing Director, Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Lead at Accenture

Theresa Harrison, Director, Environmental Social Governance Services - Procurement, EY

Mayank Shah, CEO & Founder, MSDUK

Moderator: Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
Step into the world of supplier diversity as we delve into its rich history, profound socio-economic impact, and its significance for both corporations and suppliers. 

In this thought-provoking session, we will explore the multifaceted dimensions of supplier diversity, addressing key questions that shed light on its origins, business case, and regional nuances. 

Be prepared to engage in thoughtful discussions and leave with actionable insights to drive positive change within your own organization and as part of the broader business community.



BREAKOUT SESSIONS 1: Advancing Supplier Diversity in Europe: Insights from Global Corporations

Manuela Gomez Valeriano, Global Supplier Diversity Director, Diageo 

Ben Ngobi, Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Lead, Accenture 

Claire Gichuki - Global Supplier Diversity Manager, Unilever 

Leitita Manole, Capability & Culture, Sustainability & Supplier Diversity, Lead, Ecolab  

Moderator: Andrea Fimian, CEO & Founder, Fips Consulting

Administratie Zaal (1st floor)
Join us for an engaging panel discussion as we delve into the corporate approach to supplier diversity across Europe. In this illuminating session, we will hear from global corporations that have taken their supplier diversity programs to new heights in the European landscape.

Discover the strategies, challenges, and innovative initiatives that have contributed to economic growth within local communities. Learn valuable lessons that can be applied to drive achievements within your own organization and foster a more inclusive supply chain and business environment.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2: Customer-Centric Mindset: Igniting Revenue and Growth through Relationship Building and Networking

Farida Gibbs, CEO, Gibbs Hybrid. Moderated by Gary Joseph

Moderator: Gary Joseph, Chief Executive Officer at South African Supplier Diversity Council 

Verwey Kramer (1st floor)
Join us for an inspiring session led by Farida Gibbs, CEO of Gibbs Hybrid, as she shares her invaluable insights on developing a customer-centric mindset to drive revenue and foster business growth. In this candid and engaging discussion, Farida will take you on a journey through her experiences, revealing the power of forging strong relationships and effective networking to succeed in today's competitive landscape. 

This session promises to be a dynamic and enlightening experience, as Farida Gibbs and the moderator, Gary Joseph, delve into the power of a customer-centric mindset, the art of relationship building, and the significance of networking in driving revenue and growth. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and equipped with actionable strategies to position your business for success in today's dynamic business landscape.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3: Building Bridges: How Empathy Strengthens Relationships in Supplier Diversity

Vivian Acquah, Certified DEI Consultant, Amplify DEI

Andressa Reis, Global Lead Buyer – IT Category, Heineken 

Moderator: Karolina Jagodzinska, Senior Manager, Innovation Hub, MSDUK

Mendes da Costa kamer (1st floor)
Welcome to the highly anticipated session, "Building Bridges: How Empathy Strengthens Relationships in Supplier Diversity," where our host, Karolina Jagodzinska, welcomes Vivian Acquah, a respected DEI consultant and Andressa Reis, Global Lead Buyer (IT- Category) for Heineken. Together, they will delve into the critical role empathy plays in fostering a more inclusive and equitable procurement landscape. As Maya Angelou once said, "I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it."

This session aims to inspire that courage, empowering organizations to embrace empathy as a driving force for meaningful change in supplier diversity. Understanding and appreciating different perspectives is more important than ever in the current social climate. So join us as we explore best practices, real-life examples, and actionable strategies that highlight the transformative power of empathy in building bridges and strengthening relationships within supplier diversity.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 4: Demistifying the definition of minorities in Europe, a legal perspective

Aissatou Sylla, Attorney-at-Law, Hogan Lovells

Moderator: Majid El Jarroudi, Founder and CEO, Adive

Berlage zaal (1st floor)
What can and can’t we ask in Europe when it comes to ethnic minority businesses? What are the documents we can request?

What trends are we seeing in companies requiring or not requiring diversity certification in Europe?

Join us as we delve into how the law is unequivocally on our side when it comes to recognizing and empowering ethnic minorities in Europe. In this session, legal experts will guide us through the intricacies of defining minority groups, exploring the legal frameworks that enable us to recognise and support their business growth and access to global supply chains. We will address the challenges faced by minority communities and discuss actionable steps to launch certification in Europe.


The exhibition will be opened where attendees can visit booths and learn more about the fantastic opportunities offered by both suppliers and corporates.



Diversity and Start-Ups in The Netherland (Silent Seminar)

Nelson T Ajulo, CEO, Zarttech 

Grote zaal
12:15 - 12:25
Nelson will be speaking about diversity, inclusion, and starting a company in The Netherlands. Zarttech was started through bootstrapping, and whilst it came up against challenges it has continued to thrive.

 Now it has two offices, one in Den Haag and one in Nigeria, and it specialises in Outsourcing and Outstaffing for tech companies in the West to Nigeria. A new platform, JobPro, will be launching soon, focusing on fighting recruitment bias.

3 lessons from a divergent supplier's journey (Silent Seminar)

Lene Leth Rasmussen, Founder & Owner, Loop UX

Grote zaal
12:30 - 12:40
Lene will share 3 important lessons learned in her journey as a divergent entrepreneur. By telling her personal story with honesty and vulnerability about the unique challenges she has faced and overcome, she hopes to inspire other divergent entrepreneurs in their journey.

Silent Seminar 3 

Grote zaal
12:45 - 12:55
More info about this session soon.

The Forgotten Child of DEI Strategies (Silent Seminar)

Mary Jane Roy, Owner, Creating Waves

13:00 - 13:10
In this session, you will hear why there is an often easily overlooked topic in DEI strategies. However, it is also a topic that needs to be and can be 'easily' addressed, by creating awareness.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 1: Supplier Diversity Benchmarks and Best Practices to Drive Performance

Aylin Basom, CEO of Supplier.io

Moderator: Andrea Fimian, CEO & Founder, Fips Consulting

Administratie Zaal (1st floor)
Who are the supplier diversity top performers and how do they do it? Supplier.io analysed $1.4 trillion in spend to uncover supplier diversity benchmarks and best practices that benefit programs regardless of maturity, size, or industry. 

Aylin Basom, CEO of Supplier.io, discusses the results various industries are seeing from their supplier diversity programs as well as how leading organizations are yielding results that are 2-3 times better than their peers. Aylin will share 5 actionable steps any organization can take to improve their program results and business outcomes. Join this session to gain valuable insights on accelerating your supplier diversity and ESG initiatives.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2: The B-Word: Recognizing and Identifying Burnout, and the Impact of Inclusion

Dr. Marcia Goddard, Chief Culture Officer at The Contentment Foundation

Moderator: Gary Joseph, Chief Executive Officer at South African Supplier Diversity Council

Verwey Kramer (1st floor)
Wellbeing and Inclusion are inextricably linked. This session will provide a neuroscientific perspective on the topic of burnout and explain why lack of inclusion will lead to more burnout, and less wellbeing. You will learn what a culture of wellbeing really looks like, and what you can do to enhance your own personal wellbeing.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3: Beyond spend, how we use data to influence and measure impact

Kim Hasassri, Global Insights Manager- Supplier Diversity, Meta

Moderator: Karolina Jagodzinska, Senior Manager, Innovation Hub, MSDUK

Mendes da Costa kamer (1st floor)
Transformational impact for companies lies within the data available to key stakeholders who develop, lead and drive purchase decisions and the technology they deploy. 

In this session, led by Meta Platforms, Inc., we’ll explore how supplier diversity professionals can empower internal teams to move beyond reporting diverse supplier spend to using analytics to implement changes that scale impact. 

Using Data The presenter will share specific insights and strategies to increase stakeholder awareness, engagement and accountability to support supplier diversity goals. This session will explore how to break down macro-level data to support the business case for diverse supplier utilization across business units, categories, and cost centers. The discussion will include
  • Building and using tools to increase diverse supplier discoverability to influence spend. 
  • Increasing transparency and availability of diverse supplier spend data to drive ownership of diverse supplier spend goals.
  • Using data and insights to support capacity and resource requests
  • Best practices of data insights that help teams understand their purchasing patterns and the impact of their purchase decisions. 

Using AI The capabilities of AI models, specifically GPT-4 developed by OpenAI, can transform traditional supplier identification processes by speeding up and refining the selection of diverse suppliers. AI can also be used to fill gaps for professionals to design and build new reporting and harness new insights. In addition to the opportunities it provides, there are also key challenges that supplier diversity professionals should consider ensuring that the technology continues to increase opportunity and access for more diverse suppliers versus a select few. The presenter will share how AI is being used in its current state and four questions that will define the experience of diverse suppliers when AI utilization becomes more prominent in the future.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 4: Advocacy Network Spotlight: Challenging the status quo

Pavel Subrt, Board Member EGLCC

Jerome Flint, Regional Director Europe and MENA, WEConnect International

Andy Daly, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Social Enterprise UK / Telos

Cassandra Dorrington, President & CEO, CAMSC

Charlie Wigglesworth, Managing Director, Telos

Moderator: Kristine Mangan, Vice President, Procurement Citizenship, Johnson and Johnson

Berlage zaal (1st floor)
Join us for an insightful session as we address the pressing need to challenge the existing status quo, where advocacy networks often work in isolation. In this thought-provoking panel discussion, we bring together the leaders of four prominent advocacy networks—EGLCC, MSDUK, WEConnect International, and Telos—and one from Canada —CAMSC to explore proposed solutions and approaches for working closer together.

The panellist will lead the discussion on how to bridge the gaps between advocacy networks, fostering a united front in promoting Supplier Diversity on a global scale. Through candid conversations and shared experiences, we will delve into the challenges and opportunities that arise when breaking down siloes.



Welcome Back

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
It's time to take a moment to reflect on the enriching experiences we've shared throughout the morning.

Join us for this interactive pause, led by Ikenna Azuike, as we gather feedback from the day so far. What is in store for us for the rest of the day. Get ready, set, go.

Pushing Innovation Forward

Krystle Sands, Head of Supplier Diversity, EMEA, Meta

Main Stage
Join Krystle Sands, Meta Head of Supplier Diversity, EMEA as she shares Meta's unwavering commitment to innovation and fostering inclusive entrepreneurship through their sponsorship of this year's European Innovation Challenge.

Better Ideas for a Better World: European Innovation Challenge 2023 kick-off

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
Join us for an engaging session as we kickstart the Innovation Challenge with a warm welcome to our esteemed jury members. We will introduce the judging process and provide insights into how they will play a vital role in recognizing outstanding contributions.

Innovation Challenge Finals: Unleashing Innovation Across Tech, Health/Wellbeing, and Social Impact

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

IC Finalists

Main Stage
Prepare to be inspired by the brightest minds and the boldest ideas as the stage comes alive with an electrifying session of pitches! In this segment, nine passionate entrepreneurs, handpicked for their visionary concepts, will take the spotlight, presenting their innovative ideas across three compelling categories: Tech, Healthcare/Wellbeing, and Social Impact.

Wrap up of Innovation Challenge

Master oIkenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
Day 1 recap by Ikenna Azuike and information about the next day's agenda

Drinks and Canapés - Music Graanbeurs Zaal

Graanbeurs Zaal

DAY 2: 21 September 2023

Download Agenda

Arrival, Registration & Refreshments


Opening Remarks - Focus for the Final Day - Day Two

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
Join us for the opening words of day two, as we reflect on the valuable insights gained from the previous day. This moment allows us to collectively absorb and internalize the learnings, discussions, and ideas exchanged. Drawing upon the knowledge acquired, we will set the focus for the final day of the conference.

The Transformative Power of a Bicultural Community

Kemo Camara, CEO and Founder, Omek

Moderator: Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
In this session, Kemo Camara (CEO & Founder, Omek) and Ikenna Azuike (Owner, Jolof Rice Productions) zoom into the importance of building community-centric ecosystems dedicated to the social and professional advancement of the African diaspora. Emphasizing that professionals in these networks are essential contributors to the economy and culture.

 In this value-packed session, you will learn: About the transformative power of bicultural identity How Biculturals are the future of the workforce The competitive advantage of having bicultural employees of African descent The need for equality, education, and respect when trying to build a modern company.

Minority Businesses Matter - Stories from the Trenches

Kimberly Ofori, Entrepreneur, Ofori and Co.

Solange Domaye, CEO, Symfonio

Saleh Kerrani, CBO, Miljonbemanning

Surja Bose, Founder and CEO, Bosenet, ESDP Country Manager (Germany)

Moderator: Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
Embark on a journey of inspiration and resilience as we uncover the remarkable stories of European ethnic minority-owned businesses (EMBs). Join us in this enlightening session as EMBs take the stage to share their extraordinary experiences, valuable insights, and profound lessons learned along their entrepreneurial paths. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by their successes, challenges, and triumphs, as we celebrate diversity and innovation in the business landscape.

Disrupting the Norm: Rethinking Supplier Diversity

Mayank Shah, CEO & Founder, MSDUK

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage
Join Ikenna Azuike and Mayank Shah in this engaging session as they challenge the status quo of supplier diversity.

Through thought-provoking discussions and interactive exercises, participants will explore innovative approaches and unconventional perspectives to drive meaningful change. Be prepared to question assumptions, break down barriers, and discover new ways to foster diverse and inclusive supply chains.

Unveiling Innovation: Meet the Category Winners

Corporate Sponsors of The Innovation Challenge

Main Stage
Get ready for an exciting moment as the top three category winners of the INNOVATION CHALLENGE are announced!



BREAKOUT SESSIONS 1: ESG-Driven Supplier Diversity: Advancing Inclusion and Sustainability on A Global Scale 

Lorenzo Bell, Global Lead Environmental Social Governance Services, EY

Erika Boschitsch, ESG Project Manager, The Dow Chemical Company

Alexandra Tarmo, Vice President Procurement, Kenvue

Jing Liu, CEO & Co-founder, BPC Instruments AB

Moderator: Cassandra Dorrington, CEO & Founder, CAMSC

Administratie Zaal (1st floor)
Discover how ESG principles transform supplier diversity efforts on a global scale. Learn to integrate ESG goals into comprehensive strategies, driving positive social impact, environmental sustainability, and ethical governance. Gain practical insights, metrics, and collaboration tactics for a more inclusive, sustainable business landscape. Join us in advancing supplier diversity while upholding ESG commitments worldwide.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2: The Power of a Shared Story: Cultivating Inclusion

Rodney Frank, CEO, Vision in Motion

Moderator: Karolina Jagodzinska, Senior Manager, Innovation Hub, MSDUK 

Verwey Kramer (1st floor)
Join us for a compelling session delving into the transformative impact of a shared story. Discover the extraordinary journey of Doyle Mugeyo, a Burundian refugee who overcame immense tragedy during the '90s mass genocide. Witness Doyle's resilience as he navigated through 17 African countries, finding hope in South Africa. His tale, filled with heartbreak, humor, and shocking moments, demonstrates the profound connections that shared experiences can create, fostering inclusion and unity. Experience the inspiring force of storytelling, driving positive change and cultivating a more connected and compassionate world.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3: Room to Talk: Candid Conversations with established regional ESDP Country Managers

Gary Baker, Country Manager, ESDP Sweden

Majid El Jarroudi, Country Manager, ESDP France

Ruben Brave, Country Manager, ESDP Netherlands

Surja Bose, Country Manager, ESDP Germany

Assumpta Munsi, Country Manager, ESDP Germany

Moderator: Lushenta Naidoo, Managing Director, ESDP

Mendes da Costa kamer (1st floor)
Join us for an insightful dialogue as we give the stage to the EU Supplier Diversity Project Country Managers who will be sharing unique lessons learned.

Engage in this candid conversation and walk away with a clear understanding of the differing regional perspectives, lessons learned and path for the future.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS 4: Advocacy Network spotlight: Collaborative approach to bring Supplier Diversity to centre stage in Europe

Fabienne Stordiau, Board Member, EGLCC

Mayank Shah, CEO & Founder, MSDUK 

Jerome Flint, Regional Director, Europe and MENA, WEConnect International 

Andy Daly, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Social Enterprise UK / Telos

Moderator: Peter Zerp, Supplier Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Accenture

Berlage zaal (1st floor)
Amidst the growing momentum for Supplier Diversity in Europe, the need for collaboration among advocacy networks has become increasingly vital. In this session, we shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by prominent networks such as WEConnect International, EGLCC, MSDUK, and Social Enterprise in their efforts to champion Supplier Diversity.

Join us as we embark on a candid discussion, acknowledging the obstacles that hindered seamless collaboration in the past and exploring innovative solutions to pave the way forward. Together, we will uncover the potential for collective impact and unite our strengths to accelerate progress in bringing Supplier Diversity to the forefront of the business landscape in Europe.


The exhibition will be opened where attendees can visit booths and learn more about the fantastic opportunities are offerings from both EMBs and corporates 

How do you pitch yourself in no time at all? (Silent Seminar)

Sheila Schenkel, Pitch and Speaker Coach, Best3Minutes Pitch Coaching

Grote zaal
In a short and sharp 20-minute session you will get the tools to make your best introduction pitch, and practise this peer-to-peer

The power of empathy in transforming your business (Silent Seminar)

Anita Abaisa, Director IBias VR| Learning & Development

Grote zaal
Step into Anita's world as she guides you through her latest business metamorphosis and the importance of empathy, a captivating journey where she delved into the depths to unearth her true self and mold her business into her vision. In this riveting conversation, she'll shine a spotlight on the invaluable significance of customers who wholeheartedly believe in your mission. Get ready to be inspired and enlightened!

From top consultant to social entrepreneur Session (Silent Seminar)

Juliane Kronen, Co-founder & CEO, innatura gGmbh

Grote zaal
Juliane had been a partner with a top strategy consulting firm when a former colleague offered her two truckloads of mislabelled shampoo as an in kind donation for charities she had worked with. She will describe her motivation and journey to start innatura as a platform to distribute brand-new consumer goods to charities, and share the challenges caused by implementing an innovation. Today, innatura delivers products to over 2,700 charities in Germany for a small handling fee. Her demand: Social innovations need the same support and funding as technical innovation to address our societies´ important issues.



Welcome Back

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main stage
It's time to take a moment to reflect on the enriching experiences we've shared throughout the morning. 

Join us for this interactive pause, led by Ikenna Azuike, as we gather feedback from the day so far.

What is in store for us for the rest of the Afternoon. Get ready, set, go.

Allies in Progress: The Power of Collaboration Between Advocacy Networks

Tobias Holfelt, Board Member, EGLCC

Lushentha Naidoo, Managing Director, ESDP

Jerome Flint, Regional Director Europe and MENA, WEConnect International

Andy Daly, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Social Enterprise UK / Telos

Moderator: Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main stage
In the ever-evolving landscape of social progress, the importance of collaboration and allyship between advocacy networks cannot be overstated. Join us in this insightful session as we explore how the strength of collective efforts drives meaningful change. Our panel of esteemed speakers, representing diverse advocacy networks, will share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in forging alliances to advance common goals.

Discover how building bridges between different advocacy groups creates a unified force that amplifies voices and influences policy-makers, industry leaders, and society at large.

Empowering Change: Key insights from ESDP

Mayank Shah, Founder & CEO, MSDUK & ESDP

Lushentha Naidoo, Managing Director, ESDP

Main stage
Don't miss CEO Mayank Shah's closing presentation, revealing the highly anticipated outcomes and achievements of ESDP over the last two years. Be among the first to witness the exciting announcement of our new EU entity and welcome on stage our Managing Director, Lushentha Naidoo, who will lead our efforts to accelerate supplier diversity efforts and promote inclusivity across Europe.

Vote of thanks

Mayank Shah, Founder & CEO, MSDUK & ESDP

Lushentha Naidoo, Managing Director, ESDP

Ikenna Azuike, Master of Ceremonies

Main stage
The conference comes to a close with a Vote of Thanks from Mayank Shah, CEO and Founder of MSDUK and Managing Director of ESDP, Lushentha Naidoo

Gala Dinner and Awards: 21 September 2023


We start the evening with pre-award reception- enjoy drinks and canapés while networking with over 300 senior corporate executives, celebrity guests, entrepreneurs, politicians, policymakers and international guests

Celebrating Diversity & Innovation

The event will commence with an opening ceremony that sets the historical context of the venue. As part of our mission to transform and optimize the space, we aim to create a positive and engaging atmosphere.

To kick things off, we have a special treat in store—an acoustic musical performance by the talented singer-songwriter, Shishani.

Following this captivating performance, we are thrilled to welcome Nicole van Det, Client Account Lead for Europe, representing one of our esteemed headline sponsors, Accenture. Nicole will take the stage to address our audience just before we reach one of the most anticipated moments of the conference—the awards presentation!

Dinner Starter & Networking

Dinner is served!

Dinner is served with a unique shared dining concept with a 3 course meal and table service. Take this opportunity to connect with your table partners and engage in enriching conversations.

Welcome by Mayank & Awards block 1

Mayank Shah offers a brief welcome address as a prelude to the presentation of the initial round of awards.

Handing out the following awards:
European Supplier Diversity Advocate of the year
European Innovation Challenge Winner Award
European Emerging Supplier Diversity Program of the Year

Moderator:  Dounia Maker

Dinner Main course and musical act

While the main course will be served, we have the absolute delight to welcome Shishani back on stage. This time accompanied by her collective of female & non-binary musicians called “Miss Catharsis” - be ready to indulge in their genre transcending storytelling that weaves in their influences from different backgrounds.

Musical act: Shishani & Miss Catharsis

Awards block 2 with a sweet break

Host -Dounia Maakor, welcomes back the audience and announces the next set of awards that are about to be handed out. There will be a sweet little break for the audience by the dessert being served.

EU social impact Award
Businesswoman of the Year Award
European Supplier Diversity Program of the Year
Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Moderator: Dounia Maakor

Vote of Thanks and Closing

22:20 - 22:35
Mayank Shah will take the stage to close the event and thank all the people who made this event possible.

Afterwards sponsored Drinks are available and ambient music is being played.

All timings are in CET

*Agenda subject to change

Join us to connect, network and engage with ethnic minority and immigrant-owned business owners, plus hundreds of corporate decision makers.

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